Wes Period

Stylist (2015)

Meet Wes Period, a young buck from LA who is hitting the music scene hard. After releasing his breakout EP Friendly Fire in 2011, Wes has continued to churn out refreshing and unique sounds. When he's not collaborating with the likes of Fat Tony, Jez Dior, Lovelife, Mystery Skulls and The Heavytrackerz, you can find him throwing shade for Marc Jacobs' Marc the Sun campaign.

His latest song, "Highs and Lows", rocks a hazy synth beat that depicts the roller coaster he calls his hustle. Check out the "Highs and Lows" video below. " - Maxim 

Jacob X Jordan worked with Wes Period in the beginning of his independent career launch in 2015. We collaborated with the artist on projects and performances prior to his "Highs & Lows" video and styled the video for his hit single "Champagne Champion".

Champagne Champion


Director: Brecht Vanthof

Featured on Nylon.Com

Highs & Lows

Production Assistant

Director: Brecht Vanthof

Wes Period for JXJ

Creative Direction